Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bye Bye, Hewlett Packard

A break from design for a moment...

Apple office in New York. Photograph by Joseph Bass.

I have decided to purchase a Macbook Pro. I have had enough of the OTHER computers. If they can't make a good, reliable computer, they should hang it up.

I believe that the graphics are superior on the Mac. Why would many, if not most, of the interior and graphic design schools prefer, and often require a Mac if this wasn't true?

Well, I have convinced myself that Mac is better, not only by referral, but from first hand knowledge. My daughter and son own a Mac, and I use my daughter's computer every chance I get. I just love it!


So..... it's been real HP.  I won't throw you away.  I will need a computer for use at the pool, beach, guest room.  You get my gist.

Find the Mac for you at:

See you soon,


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