Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Treasured Work of Auguste Rodin

I am one of many who find the work of sculptor Auguste Rodin breathtaking. In this article Rodin’s work was described by David Masello as “dark mottled forms emerging in full, expressive relief.”  Magnificent is the thought that enters my mind when I see a Rodin.

This collection of the Rodin sculptures is from the collection of Iris Cantor and her late husband, B. Gerald Cantor. Mr. and Mrs. Cantor are the world’s largest collectors of Rodin. The North Carolina Museum of Art’s Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Court and Garden is now home to a collection of twenty-nine Rodin sculptures gifted by the Cantors.

Iris Cantor at the North Carolina Museum of Art

The Three Shades is one of Rodin’s most monumental sculptures. The three men in the piece are identical figures. Shown here and in the following photograph.

In the garden of the Museum. 

Head of Pierre de Wissant. This monumental piece by Rodin is one of a burgher of Calais who gave his life to save his city in 1347.

Eve. This piece is described as a conveyance of Eve in a light of vulnerability and innocence.

The Cathedral. Two right hands are used in this piece by Rodin. The hands are reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral.

I Am Beautiful. This piece was sculpted by Rodin during his relationship with sculptress and Mistress Camille Claudel. This piece is described as one of passion or contradictions.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is in Raleigh, North Carolina. These Rodin pieces were given to the museum by Iris Cantor after a visit from Lawrence Wheeler, director of the museum. The new facility that houses the bronzes opened in April of this year.

This story is in the July issue of Town & Country Magazine.

Now on to Embracing Etiquette with Teresa…

Don’t Automatically Take it Personally

There are many times when a person will lash out and be rude because of something that is going on in their life. They could be going through difficult times due to job loss, going through a divorce, trouble at work or illness or death of a loved one. These people do not intentionally offend others. Their bad mood and their problems overwhelm them, making them difficult to be around. Try to understand and be kind.

Tomorrow we will cover Sizing Up Your Annoyances.

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